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Happy Birthday, Kisame!

Happy Birthday, Kisame!

Happy National Awkward Moments Day! I know that I’ve had plenty of awkward moments throughout the years, but as I get older, I just laugh at them. Speaking of awkward moments, It’s also National Sloppy Joe Day! Eating a Sloppy Joe can definitely be awkward as it falls all over the place (I definitely need a bib while eating one!)

Disney released the trailer for Ms. Marvel which is part of MCU’s phase 4 and it looks great! This Ms. Marvel is based on the latest one to join, Kamala Khan, who will be the first Muslim Pakistani-American superhero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The series debuts on June 8th and will be 6 episodes long. Just enough to get us into The Marvels movie which comes out next February!   

Last but definitely not least, Happy Birthday to Kisame Hoshigaki, whose birthday is actually today! Kisame is an Akatsuki member in the Naruto universe. The name Kisame means “demon shark” which seems fitting since he is a Pisces and his skin is blue. As the tallest member of the Akatsuki he is also the most sadistic and loves to fight. With that being said, he still did have a heart as his best friend was Itachi; they both bonded over their pasts. So, what we can learn from Kisame is that no matter how cold-hearted you can be, you still have enough warmth to make genuine friends.

Image from WallpaperCave

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