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Happy Birthday Bruce Wayne!

Happy Birthday Bruce Wayne!

Exciting news this week! We FINALLY got the trailer for Thor: Love and Thunder!!! After months of waiting, they finally graced us with it and it just makes me that much more excited to watch it. In it we see Thor trying to find himself with the Guardians of the Galaxy. From just that, you already know this movie is going to be amazing, but then it gets better as we get our first look at Natalie Portman as Mighty Thor and she looks great!

A happy belated birthday to Bruce Wayne aka Batman whose birthday was on April 17th. Although this date has changed throughout the years, this is the original day set by comic book author Bill Finger. Now, of course, there have been many adaptions and changes, but I think we’ll stick with this one. As we all know, his parents were murdered in front of him when he was around 8 years old. But did you know that in a 1974 comic, it was shown that he had an older brother? His name was Thomas Wayne, Jr. and, unfortunately, he had some brain damage as a kid from a car accident, which led his parents to keep him at a mental asylum and as a secret from Bruce. To add on to this, Bruce Wayne has had several kids over the years with Talia Al Ghul, Selina Kyle and a few others including adopted children. Billionaire, father and vigilante, is there something this Dark Knight cannot do?

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