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Happy belated birthday, Sakura!

Happy belated birthday, Sakura!

Happy April everyone! Can you believe we are already 4 months into 2022? As most of you know, last Friday was April Fool’s Day, a day that is full of pranks and jokes. These traditions can date back all the way to 1582!

Morbius was also officially out in theaters last Friday! So far, the reviews have been pretty mixed. Some saying it’s good, while others saying that it has a bad plot and CGI. Do these reviews deter you from watching the movie? Or will you go and make that review yourself? Personally for me I’m a little skeptical now,  but I will eventually still watch the movie in theaters.

Moon Knight also premiered on Wednesday.

Moving on to the anime world, last week was also Sakura Haruno’s Birthday! She is an amazing medical ninja in the Naruto Universe. Her name means cherry blossom in Japanese, which is also Japan’s national flower! If you're a big fan of Naruto, you will remember that she fell head-over-heels the first time she met Sasuke and eventually ended up marrying him and having a daughter together. When Sakura was younger, she used to get bullied often (by Ino and others )for having a big forehead.  But as she got older, Sakura grows out of that and learns to embrace it. Now her forehead is marked with a diamond-shaped tattoo that holds her chakra (something she inherited from the Legendary Sannin Tsunade). With this power, she is able to heal herself and her friends from fatal wounds.

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