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Prodigy Toys is moving!

We're planning to move to an even bigger space!

Fellow Prodigies, we are moving!  Thank you for your support with the toys that we've been offering and we are grateful for all of your patronages to our brand.  Despite COVID-19, we have worked even harder to support people that are looking for great toys at an unprecedented time.  As we continue to grow, we will be moving to a new and even bigger location locally here in the Bay Area!

With our new expansion, we anticipate more toy offerings of even more cooler and unique toys into our product line-up.  As we expand, we will continue to provide great customer service, and as always, we are extremely open to recommendations or suggestions as you, our customers, dictate our brand as we continue to grow together!  Hurray, and cheers from all of us here from the Prodigy Toys team.

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