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National Lego Day

National Lego Day

Happy National Fun at Work Day everyone!  We hope that you all had not only a great day, but a great week and month!  January is almost over and we cannot believe it!  It feels like we just started the new year.

Today is also National Lego Day!  Lego was created back in August 1932 (almost 90 years ago!) by Ole Kirk Christiansen in Denmark.  I think we all know how successful his company has been since then!  Although we do not have any Lego products, we do have some block figures that you might be interested in!  We even have some One Piece block figures as well!  Speaking of One Piece, they just had their 1000th episode 2 months ago and Toonami is officially bring the show back to their network!

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Featured image by Francis Ray from Pixabay

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