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Just in - FASTEN Glue!

Just in - FASTEN Glue!

Wow! We’re halfway through 2024 and summer is right around the corner. Our blog may have been quiet for a while but that doesn’t mean we weren’t busy. We have launched our new product, Fasten: Super Glue! It seemed like the next step since many of our figures requires some assembly. Unlike other glue, it is easy to control since its gel-like. You don’t have to worry about it getting everywhere like liquid glue.

In other news, live action One Piece should be starting to film this month. Many people are predicting that it will come out around September of 2025. There are also rumors that Netflix will be filming season 2 and 3 back-to-back. There hasn’t been much said on what will happen in season 2, but many are predicting that it will follow the Arabasta arc since the first season covered the entirety of the East Blue arc. On TikTok, One Piece Netflix confirms this theory since they posted a video on Luffy’s birthday. The birthday cake was not your typical looking cake. Instead, it looked like a candle with a 3 as the wick of the ‘candle’. It’s hinting at Mr. 3 who has a unique ability to create and control wax. The Straw Hat Pirates encounter Mr. 3 along with his partner-in-crime, Miss Goldenweek. I wonder how they will be portrayed in the live-action show.

Happy early birthday to Itachi Uchiha! Fun fact: Itachi’s name means weasel in Japanese. He is the older brother of Sasuke. Early on he was believed to be a villain for killing his clan, he is a complicated character who had his brother and village’s best interest at heart.

Just a few days ago, a new Venom trailer was released. The third and possible last movie in the Venom series is called Venom: The Last Dance. The trailer gives us some insight on what to expect in the movie. Eddie and Venom will have to deal with the government and Klyntar, Venom’s kind, trying to catch or maybe even separate the villainous duo. The trailer also teased about a Venom Horse?! How will Venom Horse aid Eddie and Venom’s shenanigans? Based off of what I’ve seen, since the duo finds the horse in a desert, maybe we’ll have a Cowboy-Venom. I’ll definitely be watching this movie when it comes out in October to find out what happens.
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