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Happy Birthday Sanji and Hello Batman!

Happy Birthday Sanji and Hello Batman!

Happy National Day of Unplugging! In the digital age sometimes, we forget that we need to take some time away from our screens (phones, laptops or TVs) and just unwind. Whether it be reading a book, going for a walk, or simply just enjoying the moment, be sure to make some unplugging time today. On Tuesday, Netflix pulled off their original Marvel series which was disappointing, but then Disney+ announced that they would be adding the shows to their platform. Could this mean that we are going to get new seasons? I would love to see a Daredevil season 4!

Wednesday March 2nd was the birthday of none other than Sanji, the beloved cook and pirate from One Piece. Did you know that his name was originally going to be Naruto and that he’s of French descent? He has 3 cookbooks out now and has been featured in cooking competition spinoffs! Aside from cooking, Sanji’s is definitely a ladies’ man. Although coming from royal lineage, Sanji is very loyal to his Straw Hat Crew and will always stand up for them in times of need.

Last but definitely not least! Today is the premiere of The Batman movie! I’m really excited to see this new take on the caped crusader. Not sure when I’ll watch it but hopefully before I see any spoilers! Let us know if you’re going to watch it or not and your thoughts about it!

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