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Happy Birthday, Obito!

Happy Birthday, Obito!

Happy Friday everyone, we hope you had a great week! We have been super busy making sure that we are stocked with all of your favorite items so you don’t miss out on them! Check out our TikTok for some behind the scenes action =)

I would like to wish a happy belated birthday to Obito! For those of you who don’t know, Obito is the leader of the Akatsuki in the anime Naruto. He poses under the alias Tobi so that he can plan attacks without suspicions. It is rumored that Madara was an ancestor of his, which would tie into the fact that he claimed to be him. Even though he led the Akatsuki, Obito is just good ole Tobi who got lost in his way and like most villains on Naruto turns good near the end of his life and helps Naruto.  

Image from WallpaperCave

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