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Hello November!

Hello November!

Happy Friday!  We hope everyone had a great Halloween, what did you dress up as?  Before we get started with today’s blog, we would like to say happy belated birthday to Hello Kitty!  Her 47th birthday was on November 1.  She has been a staple in many people's lives and her growing fanbase allows her to have collabs with many brands including Reebok, Nike®, ColourPop, as well as clothing stores and even an airline!  She has several tv shows, movies, video games and more. I think we can all agree that Hello Kitty has definitely done well for herself and will continue to capture the hearts of individuals all over.

Today marks the release of MCU’s 26th movie, Eternals. It is a part of their 4th phase and we are excited to see what it’s all about. It premiered on October 18th and has had many mixed reviews, even being the first MCU movie to get a rotten rating on Rotten Tomatoes!  But that won’t stop us from checking this movie out.  Let us know if you do and what you think of it by hitting up our social media!

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